Mental Health Services

I offer Individual Therapy and Psychological Testing.  These can be effective in helping you find a way through personal growth, relationship issues, anxious feelings, and mood concerns. 

When meeting individually, with a couple, or a group, I incorporate an “eclectic” or integrative approach.  This means I use various methods to understand and help you with your concerns.  The method is based on what would be most effective given your particular circumstance.  This is usually determined by a combination of personal factors and research-suggested techniques. Therapy may include: gaining insight into your own thoughts and feelings, moving forward from past events, using relaxation or stress management skills, recognizing your strengths, and/or setting goals to improve your quality of life. 

I have specialized training in -psychological screening and testing for cognitive and attention problems in adults.  If you are being referred by Lyra, please be aware that full psychological testing is not covered and can be sought through your normal health care insurance.