Areas of Diversity:

Sexuality, Spirituality, Culture, & Ethnicity

We are each a mix of different values, influences, and beliefs. A person usually feels comfortable and whole when these diverse areas are in agreement. Unfortunately, we often struggle when there is a conflict between who we are, what we believe, or what our communities believe.

For example:

  • An African-American woman who has a healthy relationship with her different race partner, but fears her parent’s/community's traditional views on family and interracial relationships, will make it difficult for them to find acceptance.

  • A middle-aged man who identifies as bisexual yet old-fashioned, and feels out of place when dating in both the gay and the straight communities.

  • A young lesbian woman struggles to find peace with seemingly incompatible parts of herself, her sexual identity, and her Christian/spiritual values.

  • A man who experiences prejudice early in life finds success in his career, but still doesn’t find the validation he is seeking, so he turns to promiscuity and drinking to numb his sadness.

Can psychotherapy be helpful?

Counseling and psychotherapy is often beneficial in helping people find perspective on their struggles and can assist in making sensible life decisions. Integrating and reconciling what matters most to us can be healing. I warmly welcome those who may want to discuss their “ex-gay” experiences. While I understand the desire for some to use methods such as “reparative therapy” to change one’s sexuality, I do not endorse or utilize these approaches in my practice.